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Welcome to Endless Adventures!

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Endless Adventures is another private server of the original mmo, "Endless Online." We have all the original maps + our own added towns, training areas, etc! We have player commands, such as: 

#dress (item name) - Use this command to dress in an armor/hat/shield/wep that you OWN!
#hide - Use this command to hide anything you're wearing!
#show - Use this command to show whatever you hid again!
#ily - Use this command to warp you to your partner!
Magic Bag - Double click and open your locker from any where on EA!
Hotkeys - You can now assign items or potions to F1-F8, use potions without having to DC!
AOE Weapons - Currently balancing/adding AOE weapons!

Endless Adventures also has Player Achievements, Daily DG event, Buff spells/heals, AOE weps, 50% EXP weekends, and more! The server is still in early stages of development in terms of EXP balancing, item placement, npc placement and adding new gfx.

DO NOT use the same account information you use for other servers and ESPECIALLY clone
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